We know that a fire in the home or office is something no one wants to face. The possible loss from a devastating fire is staggering. That is why Dayton Security offers a wide variety of devices designed to alert those on site and the proper authorities in case of fire, gas leak, or carbon monoxide leak. These devices can be specifically installed as a fire alarm system or integrated with a burglar alarm.

It is important to have a fire alarm system which is installed, monitored, and tested by professionals for numerous reasons:

  1. According to the National Fire Protection Association households with non-working smoke alarms now outnumber those with no smoke alarms. This is particularly disturbing because that means improper installation and testing methods used by some companies could result in disaster for you and your family. With Dayton Security you can rest assured that knowledgeable technicians are working to keep your system functioning properly. Your safety is our concern.
  2. Knowledge of current fire codes and installation practices is necessary to bring you the highest level of security possible. Without the proper education and training a system cannot be installed correctly to give you the best coverage possible. At Dayton Security we are always on the lookout for training and education classes to keep us up to date with industry standards.
  3. Without proper monitoring of the system by a professional remote monitoring station the chain of notification could be disrupted or fail entirely. This could mean lack of notification with trouble conditions which could prevent the system from operating correctly. It could also mean slower response time by fire, ems, and law enforcement departments in situations of an actual fire. Dayton Security strives to avoid these issues and provide you with greater security by using a UL listed remote monitoring station.

The bottom line here is we take pride in our work our goal is to provide the best installation and service possible. This helps to ensure everything is functioning properly and that, in case of fire, the occupants are alerted so they can evacuate and the authorities are alerted so they can respond.


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